Our Methodologies

Our seasoned team of software engineers, data analysts, and data scientists is adept at developing customized AI solutions.

Systems Thinking

We apply this methodology to break down current information systems into diverse elements to discern hidden correlations. It enables us to reinforce and balance the processes for a better alignment with larger systems.

Data Science

Our data science team uses the benefits of cloud computing to build smart systems featuring artificial intelligence to streamline workflows and achieve digital transformation.

Design Thinking

The application of cognitive, strategic, and practical formulae of design thinking gives us a better understanding of user challenges and motivations.

Technology planning

We define your technology roadmap with better insights into your workflow, IT infrastructure, and user behavior.

Impact assessment

Our solution's far-reaching benefits are evaluated and presented to you by our impact assessment team specialists before and after solution implementation.

Our Story

Conceived in 2016, ManCorp® is a brand that embodies fundamentals necessary for creating products that perceive, predict, and maneuver change. We are a strategic consultancy headed by an AI think tank enabling institutions and industries to accelerate growth with significant cost savings and resource efficiency. To that effect, we build smart solutions on a solid foundation of machine learning and natural language processing capabilities.

Championing Deep Tech Across Industries

We, at ManCorp, are early movers of the deep tech movement working towards achieving "mass customization".

Accelerating Growth with AI

ManCorp’s AI platform can generate up to 30X productivity and 90% cost savings using existing resources and setting organizations up for exponential growth with every machine learning event.

Industry No Bar

Our solutions streamline workflows and automate processes critical for Law, Education, Governance & Bureaucracy, Policy, Banking, Investigation Agencies, and Research Institutions.

Future-Proofing Brands with Sustainability

Our technology can save about 11 billion individual sheets of paper, 1.3 million fully grown trees, 108 billion liters of water, 3.4 Lac liters of toxic chemicals, and 15,500-ton CO2 equivalent emissions by servicing the Indian Judiciary alone with "Sustainable, Cutting Edge AI Technology".

Our Projects

We take pride in building long-term relationships with our partners by providing them with cutting-edge technology solutions for large-scale industrial problems. Here are some of our previous AI services and product development projects:

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High Court of Jharkhand

Our first AI project for the Indian Judiciary was a Decision Support Smart Court System for the Hon'ble High Court of Jharkhand. It enables efficient handling of criminal matters. We also provide ongoing maintenance and support to the High Court.

High Court of Patna

The Hon’ble High Cout of Patna chose us to build an AI solution capable of suggesting allocation of cases and/or formation of a bench for Effective administrative process enhancement with a vision for expeditious disposal of cases.

SUPACE (SUpreme court Portal for Assistance in Court Efficiency)

We developed SUPACE for and in collaboration with the Supreme Court of India. It is a revolutionary intelligent fact system featuring voice command that sifts through thousands of case documents to answer judicial queries within seconds.

Automated OCR

Transform Paper Documents into Searchable and Analytics Ready Digital Assets

Experience true document digitization with our optical character recognition solution that converts scanned documents into search and analytics-ready textual data. It converts scanned data into a usable state with in-text and semantic search capabilities.

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Legal Process Automation (using NLP)

Automate Fact-finding to Streamline and Accomplish Tasks Efficiently

Simply upload your documents, annotate, redact and extract relevant information to seamlessly automate the Document Review and Analysis process. Draft documents seamlessly and collaborate to finalize drafts on the go. Monitor your work and automation stats to get insights into the most repetitive and mundane tasks that can be automated and done away with.

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ChatBot Assisted Case Review

Get Instant Responses to Your Queries to Better Focus on Legal Facts and Issues

Our interactive chatbot is capable of reading and learning through documents to decipher information at voice command.

Extract information from large & voluminous documents, train the chatbot to answer complex questions about laws, procedures, provisions, and calculations.

Our chatbot acts as a resourceful co-worker who assists you in accomplishing essential tasks such as reading documents or providing verifications and answers from rule books and other manuals. It automatically extracts relevant facts from a document or a database to significantly reduce research and analysis efforts so that users can focus better on value addition tasks.

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JUDi Judicial Intelligence

AI-powered Integrated Workflow - Work Smarter, Work Faster with Our Human-AI Hybrid Interface

Make the combined merits of OCR, NLP, and AI Chatbot work for your organization. Our 360° document digitization solution makes your everyday end-to-end workflow smoother and smarter. It enables you to optimize your documents, make sense of your database, give voice search commands, and discover smart insights within seconds. Accelerate processes that took days and weeks to a couple of hours!

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Our Leaders

Manthan Trivedi

Chief Executive Officer

Manthan, our Chief Executive Officer, is a dynamic and diverse social entrepreneur who dropped out of Harvard and came to India to make an impact. A data science-driven strategist, he is an expert in systems thinking, sustainability, and scientific analysis (data science).

His glocal background of learning hospitality from Switzerland, management from the US, and analytical studies at Harvard makes Manthan a scrupulous perfectionist.

Rathin Deshpande

Chief Operating Officer

Our Chief Operating Officer Rathin comes from a robust environment of Indian business and asset management. He has specialized in operations management and mediation with extensive experience in working with sizable institutions like the Former Department of Buildings (DOB), NY.

Rathin studied Architecture in India and Management at New York University, USA, and is a natural innovator. His attention to detail is impeccable with a gifted skill for solving operational challenges necessary for achieving exponential growth.

Vishnu Gite

Chief Technology Officer

Vishnu manages the Company's technology research and development department as our Chief Technology Officer. An expert in System Architecture and Virtual Machines, he holds a diverse experience of working with brands like Google and VMWare.

Vishnu joined ManCorp in 2018 and has extraordinarily aligned with the company’s vision. He has been responsible for creatively incorporating the founding ideas and concepts into technology in addition to leading all aspects of the company’s technological development.

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